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You can be out in the bay in minutes.  The kayak light-weight and a fast way to get out onto the water.


Each kayak seats one or two persons.  Life jackets required. 


Our guests may use the kayaks at no extra charge.  Life jackets available.


Paddling clubs are welcome, and for a small fee the ferries will carry your kayak.

See: A Paddler's Guide to Smith Island for more.

Take a soothing bike around the town.

Bikes can be rented from the Bayside Inn next door.

You can also bring your own bike.  You can take it on the ferry, or...

...strap it to your boat.

(Note: bicyclists are prohibited from cycling across the Bay and Norfolk Bridges.)

Another way to get around is to rent a golf cart.  Cars are not really a necessity on Smith Island, so as a form of motorized transport, golf carts provide a logical alternative.



You can take a dip off the dock...

...or kayak out to find a private beach and go swimming in a secluded spot.


Seen here, Smith Island visitors enjoy some ice cream in Crisfield whilst waiting for the ferry to Smith Island.  Crisfield offers a variety of shops. 

Though fewer in number, there are several shops on Smith Island. 

You can even get a milk shake at Rukes Crab Shack, or ice cream and snow cones at the concession stand near the Bayside Inn.

Drop a crab pot!      Just ask for one and we'll give you a crab pot. 

'The Maryland crab pot is an enclosed framework of wire with four openings where the crabs enter to eat the bait. When the crabs cannot leave the same way they entered, they float upward and go through the openings of the inner wire portion of the pot.'  read more

Our B&B is fully licensed, and you can use our equipment to go crabbing right off our dock.



In DC Give us a call at: 
(410) 425-4220