EWELL... Love it!


   Restaurants, Museums, Nature Reserves...

   Aside from a range of recreational activities,

     you can go out to eat, arrange a crab feast or visit a local museum.


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Bayside Inn Cultural Center Wildlife Tours  Delicious Crabs

Rukes is one place on the Island where everyone feels at home.  Relax in the rustic screened-in porch and enjoy softshell crabs or crab cakes the way you like 'em. 


For dessert, milks & floats are available, but most of all, you must try the famous...


Smith Island
Layer Cake

photo credit: Ferne Arfin

Perfect for birthdays and other special occasions.
It comes in many flavors: chocolate, banana, coconut...



Located right next to the Smith Island Marina / Chesapeake Sunrise Bed & Breakfast, the Bayside is also adjacent to the ferry landing. 

Stop in for a bite to eat.  Serving lunch only: Noon to 4 pm.


The Smith Island Center is a good place for newcomers to visit to become more familiar with the island.  Inside you will find:


* A museum with permanent exhibits on Smith Island History and culture.
* Special exhibits concerning Island life

* A computerized genealogy data base
* Tourist information
* Gift Shop
* Public Restrooms.

* Shaded porches with benches/rocking chairs.


For more information call: 410-425-3351 or (800) 521-9189

Directly across the Harbor from Ewell is the Martin National Wildlife Refuge, comprising the northern half of Smith Island. Waverly Evans of Tylerton will be glad to accommodate you on a private tour. 

Thousands of migratory birds and species nest and abide here, including:

snowy egrets, great blue herons, 'black ducks, pintail, mergansers, long-tailed ducks, scoters, bufflehead, Canada geese, and tundra swans,' ...ospreys, peregrine falcons.  and other species of wildlife: 'red fox, muskrat, mink, otter, voles, northern diamondback terrapin...' etc.

Mr. Evans will also take you to Tylerton, where you can visit his Folk Art Studio.
For any occasion, you can order some delicious Smith Island crabs, caught and freshly steamed the same day by a local waterman.

Order as few as a dozen or a whole bushel, depending on the size of your party.

For a small price extra we'll add a side dish of your choice: corn on the cob, potato salad, cole slaw or other dishes.

NOTE: for crabs and layer cakes, please call ahead to place an order before your stay.




In DC Give us a call at: 
(410) 425-4220