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Private Charters

Fishing Expeditions Sunset Cruises


When the regular ferry boats don't fit your schedule or timing, Captain Eades and the Sunrise are readily available.  A private charter tour of the Chesapeake Bay is available to you. For example, take the Sunrise to both Smith Island and Tangier Island (Virginia), staying overnight at the Chesapeake Sunrise Bed & Breakfast. You'll find a ride on the Sunrise and a stay at the B&B an affordable, time-effective alternative to the "standard-issue" holiday. Especially so when you come with friends and make your day trip or overnight excursion a one of a kind party on the Bay.

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Captain Eades and the Sunrise are available for private charter day trips most anywhere within the Chesapeake Bay, starting from either the Eastern or Western shores of Maryland.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced fisherman, the Chesapeake Bay offers some of the best fishing waters America has to offer.

Likely catches:
- Striped bass, 
- bluefish,
- croaker,
- flounder

Black drum, rockfish, and sea trout are commonly caught.

Tackle and bait available upon request.

Why not hop aboard the Sunrise for a sunset cruise?  There are many reasons for scheduling a boat trip.

Nature Tours

Tours of the Martin National Wildlife Refuge are available for:

  • Vacationing sight-seers
  • Photographic expeditions
  • Ecologists and other naturalists

Rates Vary: Call Ahead

Charter fees vary according to your needs.  For a fishing party, sunset cruise or Martin Wildlife Refuge Nature Tour:

Be sure to call
and book ahead of your visit!




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