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Smith Island Art Workshops


You or your art group can now arrange for art lessons on Smith Island with local resident and artist Pauli Zmolek (see biography below).

The natural beauty and abundant wildlife of Smith Island make it an ideal getaway for artists.  Come and study watercolor and oil paintings with an accomplished artist.  Download our brochure to read more.  Use the form below to provide us some information and we will contact you shortly, or leave a voice message at:



Experience, Interest, Mediums:

Photographers welcome too.  If you are a beginner, an aspiring artist, or a serious artist looking for a great opportunity to paint scenes of nature out of doors, or "en pleine aire," Smith Island promises a unique art experience.

Pauli Zmolek
Painting on the ceiling of the Office of the Speaker of the House in the Capitol

Born Pauli Zmolek of Newton, Iowa,  Pauli received her  BFA from the University of Iowa, after which she studied oil painting under master Dimitar Krustev of Bulgaria.  It was the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore that drew her to the East Coast in 1984.  There she studied classical technique.


In 1996 Pauli became the first woman to be hired as the head decorative artist of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.  Any time you view the Senate chamber on television you can see Pauli's work, as she designed the blue panels that adorn the walls of the Senate Chamber floor.  Her next major assignment was to serve on a team of artists restoring the original decorative art in the Jefferson Building at the Library of Congress.



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